A Socially Trained Dog Is Your Best Friend

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We are a non-profit community organisation

Training Is Fun

It's not just learning to sit, stay, etc.

Everyone Is Welcome

Train In a Safe And Friendly Environment


We bet you’re as excited as we are that training has resumed, but there are a few standard restrictions that we all need to abide by.

  1. Please maintain the required 1.5m social distancing from anyone at the club – café, shop, registrar, trainers, other members and their dogs.
  2. If you don’t feel well, please do not come to class.
  3. The Induction Session is held inside the club rooms, and therefore needs to be limited to a maximum of six new members because of the size of the room. We ask that only one person per family comes to the session to allow other new members the chance to attend. Please do not bring your dog to this session. Because of the limited seating anyone wishing to attend the Induction Session must email their information, including name and contact phone number, to info@woodvilledogtraining.com.au to book a spot. You will receive an email reply letting you know which session you are in. If all twelve places are booked for the coming Sunday you will be placed in the first available spot for the following Sunday. Please make sure you note not only the time of your session but also the date.

And, just as if you were going out anywhere – please bring hand sanitiser or anti-bacterial wipes (whichever you use) to help keep yourself and others safe.

Claire Lowe, President

Come Join The Fun When Training Resumes

Join us every Sunday, except long weekends, on the corner of Oval and Cedar Avenues, Woodville South.

The park has lots of lovely trees for shade and the grass is well cared for by the City of Charles Sturt. It also has lights that'll make walking your dog at the park much safer once daylight savings has finished, and it starts getting dark earlier.

Come early and enjoy a great breakfast from Café Maxi. Egg and bacon sandwiches, and hot tea or Lattes, are available from around 8:30 am. Enjoy this while watching your dog play with other members and their dogs off lead until 8:45 am.

We look forward to seeing you!