A Socially Trained Dog Is Your Best Friend

Community Club

We are a non-profit community organisation

Training Is Fun

It's not just learning to sit, stay, etc.

Everyone Is Welcome

Train In a Safe And Friendly Environment

Come Join The Fun

Join us every Sunday, except long weekends, on the corner of Oval and Cedar Avenues, Woodville South.

The park has lots of lovely trees for shade and the grass is well cared for by the City of Charles Sturt. Have you seen the new lights the Council installed towards the end of 2019? They'll make walking your dog at the park much safer once daylight savings has finished, and it starts getting dark earlier.

Come early and enjoy a great breakfast from Café Maxi. Egg and bacon sandwiches, and hot tea or Lattes, are available from around 8:30 am. Enjoy this while watching your dog play with other members and their dogs off lead until 8:45 am.

We look forward to seeing you!

Add this date to your diary - Sunday 16th February is the Woodville Oval Complex Community Day. For more information click here.

For information about our AGM please scroll down the page.

AGM - 15th March, at 10.10am

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 15th March at 10.10am, for approximately half an hour.

It will take place on the grounds between Puppy / Grad 1 / Intro, and Grade 2 / 3 / 4. The first classes will finish a little early, and the other classes will start later to accommodate the AGM.

As an incorporated body the club is required to hold an AGM annually. You our members, get to take a short break, relax on the grass and learn what the Executive of the club do with your membership fees. The meeting is generally only for 30 minutes and then we resume classes.

Please stay after your class, or come a little early, and be a part of the AGM. If you have an interest in joining the Committee, or nominating someone, nominations can be accepted up until 9:30 am on the morning. Nomination forms will be available from the club rooms.