What You and Your Dog Will Learn

What You and Your Dog Will Learn

At Woodville Community Dog Club we aim to help you, and your dog, learn life skills. We place an emphasis on helping dogs become good community members with positive social skills with people, and their dog mates.

Using positive training methods we encourage the development of a trusting, and respectful relationship, between you, and your dog.

We will help you learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Pay attention to you.
  • Walk nicely on the lead.
  • Sit, stay, and lie down, when asked.
  • Come when called.
  • Behave quietly around other dogs.
  • Tolerate being handled for vet exams, etc.
  • Greet other people, and dogs, politely.
  • Have fun with you.

From puppy class through to Basic Obedience (class 5) the skills you, and your dog learn, will increase in difficulty, building up the complexity as you progress through the grades. As you develop your skills as a trainer you should be able to use the techniques we show you to teach your dog other things you’d like such as: ‘roll over’, ‘leave it’, and ‘shake hands’.

With patience, and practice, there’s no limit to what you, and your dog, can achieve.

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