Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

What You and Your Dog Will Learn

What You and Your Dog Will Learn

At WCDTC, our aim is to help you and your dog work together as a team, building mutual trust and respect, and developing a solid knowledge base that will gradually expand as you progress through the grades.

Our methods are modern, and science based, using Positive Reinforcement and Force Free techniques. We place an emphasis on teaching you how to train your dog to become a good family and community member, socially acceptable with both humans and other dogs. 

We will help you learn how to teach your dog to –

  • Pay attention to you.
  • Walk well on leash.
  • Sit, stay, and lie down – when asked.
  • Come when called.
  • Tolerate being handled for vet exams, etc.
  • Greet people, and other dogs politely.
  • Have fun with you.

You will also learn about –

  • Hand Targeting.
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Door/Gate Manners.
  • Dog Body Language.
  • Leave It – with both food, and objects.

From Introduction Class through to Class 5, the skills you and your dog learn will increase in complexity, as you progress through the grades.

As you develop your skills as a trainer you should be able to use the techniques we show you to teach your dog other behaviours and tricks, such as –

  • Roll over.
  • Shake hands.
  • Give (when fetching a ball).
  • Walk backwards.
  • Spin left or spin right.
  • Ring the bell.
  • High five.

Dogs love learning and working. Everything is a game to them!

With patience, practice, trust and mutual co-operation, there’s no limit to what you, and your dog, can achieve.