Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Rules as of January 2023

The Centre’s Ground Rules have been made with consideration given to Public Liability.

  1. All members must wear their membership badge, and be financial to attend class.
  2. All dogs must be on lead from 8:30 am Sunday, and during all classes, unless you are given permission by an Instructor.
  3. Dog Guardians are responsible for any injury to another dog, Guardian, Member, or any other attendee where their dog is involved.
  4. A dog who has bitten, or shown undue aggression, must be reported to the Chief Instructor of the day.
  5. Bitches in season are not allowed on the grounds during training sessions.
  6. Generally accepted social behaviour is expected of all Members/attendees.
  7. Current dog vaccination certificates must be shown when joining, and upon renewal of membership every 12 months, or when due.
  8. Dog Guardians are to wear enclosed footwear during classes on the grounds. Bare feet or open footwear are not permitted.
  9. We use Positive Reinforcement Training (Force Free), therefore excessive reprimands such as shouting, hitting, glaring, rough handling, or kicking of dogs, are not to be used by dog Guardians.
  10. Dog Guardians are asked to use an adjustable soft training collar (Martingale collars are no longer recommended) or correctly fitted harness for the comfort, and well-being of their dog during training. Check chains, choker chains, slip collars, prong collars, and electric shock collars are not to be used in class. Their general use is discouraged as these methods are intimidating and aversive, and can cause significant and irreversible harm to your dog, both physically and psychologically.
  11. Activity equipment is to be used only when guardians have been instructed in its use by an Instructor.