Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

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Super Dog Boutique

574 Tapleys Hill Rd, Fulham, SA, 5024
Phone: 0883554599

Caring for local pets for over 25 years.
Come and visit Hilary and her friendly staff.

  • Recommended by vets.
  • Caring staff with the experience to handle all dogs and all types of coats.
  • We pamper your four legged friend.
  • Drop by and see us. We offer full grooming Services.

Findon Veterinary Clinic

221 Grange Road Findon
Phone: 8347 3444

Dr Ian Hogben, and the staff at the Findon Vet provide up-to-date veterinary care modern pet owners expect. State-of-the art equipment coupled with on-going vet education keep us at the forefront of pet care in Adelaide. All Woodville Community Club members can join the NEW CITIPAWS CLUB, and receive discounts on products when having their pet vaccinated through us. Just show your membership card, and read more about this offer in the WOOF.

You may request to see the same vet each time, or gain further opinions by having more than one vet manage your pet.

Seaton Vet Centre

342 Tapleys Hill Road
Phone: 8155 5200

The Seaton Vet Centre is owned, and run, by Dr Ian Hogben, and has the same experienced vets, and staff, as the Findon Veterinary Clinic.

They offer the same great services here, as well as providing the following:

  • A separate entrance/exit for dog owners with anxious or aggressive dogs. The same consult room is also available for extended use for euthanasias, so pet owners can stay, and have time with their pet after its passing, and then leave via the private entrance/exit to the patio area when they wish.
  • Accell Therapy mat room, with an enclosure for dogs to confine them on the therapy mat for the duration of their treatment. Any of our pets receiving Zydax or Cartrophen injections also receive a free Accell Therapy session with each injection.
  • Treadmill rehab room. We are installing a ceiling mounted support for dogs requiring rehab after surgery, injury, spinal trauma, or arthritic, and particularly if they are also overweight. Once completed, our dogs having cruciate, patella, or fracture repair surgery will have free use of this facility for 2-3 months after their surgery as well.
  • Isolation ward for infectious cases (Parvo) with rear access so infected pets don’t pass through the building.
  • We have FIVE Bair Huggers (more than all of the rest of Adelaide combined!) which maintain pet body temperature during surgery, and their recovery, or for very sick pets.
  • Puppy Centre with Puppy Preschool, and Puppy Socials, in a dedicated room, and patio area. Puppies attending Preschool can also attend the puppy social that week for free.
  • Separate Cat entrance, waiting and reception, consulting rooms, and cat boarding.
  • Large breed cages, and soon we will have large/giant breed dog runs.
  • Also soon to come is a ceiling mounted lift in our treatment area for the safe lifting of large, and giant breeds, onto a table, or trolley, minimising the risk of injury to pet, and staff.
  • We also have commenced offering Dog Breeder services, with our vet Dr Andrea who has trained extensively under one of Australia’s renowned dog reproduction experts in Perth. This will provide full support for registered breeders, and responsible once-off, or infrequent breeders, ensuring as good an outcome as possible for bitch, puppies, and owner.
  • Dental facilities, including dental x-rays, and dental treatments, to optimise the saving of infected teeth.

AND we have a bright red Dog-toilet station (fire hydrant!!!) available outside as well.