Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Training Your Dog

Rewarding training – for you, and your dog.

At Woodville Community Dog Training Centre we focus on training well socialised family pets. We do not use check chains, or choker collars, and our training is purely reward based.

To Train your dog you will need –

  • Martingale Collar (included in membership).
  • Good Leash (no extension leashes).
  • Food treats or a reward toy.
  • Closed footwear.
  • We recommend that you also get a treat pouch for easy rewarding.

Our experienced instructors will show you how to work with your dog, and help you to build a lifelong bond with your pet. Rewards can be anything your dog enjoys. We mostly use dry dog food, or dried liver, but it can be a ball, squeak toy, or anything that motivates your dog. In the beginning you will use your rewards a lot. In the more advanced classes we will teach you, and your dog, to respond without food rewards. By this time the dogs usually love training so much that they are more than happy to comply!

You can train a dog who is young, or old. Puppy classes start for dogs who are 12 weeks, or more, and focus on social behaviour, and good dog manners.

If your dog has a problem like biting, or aggression towards other dogs, and people, please let our instructors know, and we will tailor training to meet your needs with one-on-one sessions. Our training methods are highly effective on aggressive, or nervous dogs.