Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Rally at WCDTC

Rally is for people who love teaching their dog new things, and for dogs who love learning new things. Rally is set up as a course with stations. At each station there is a sign which has basic instructions and a visual guide. Some are as simple as Sit, Fast Pace, and Left Turn. Others take a bit of explanation, learning and refining such as Spiral Right, or Call forward/Finish left.

Each week a Rally course is set up to learn or practice the different cues you’ll teach your dog. At each station on the course is a card with a brief explanation of what to do, and arrows to indicate direction. There are four levels of Rally – Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Masters. At our club you will receive certificates of achievement once you and your dog have competently completed each level, and been assessed. Of course, you might just want to practice the course for fun and not the certificates, and that’s great too.

You can join Rally once you have passed Class 3. The main prerequisites are being able to walk with a loose lead, and keep your dog’s attention. Once the basics are learned, you can use Rally as a warm up for Class 4 and Class 5, or as a cool down after class, or for ongoing practice, or for learning new skills. It’s up to you what you’d like to achieve doing Rally.

Have a chat with Anja or Sonia if you have any questions regarding Rally at Woodville.