Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Introduction Classes

Introduction Classes

These classes are for new members after they have attended the Induction Session.

Below are just some of the behaviours you will learn to teach to your dog –

  • Bridging and Look / Watch.
  • Handling – Teaching your dog to accept their paws, face/mouth, tail/genitals, tummy etc. being touched. A useful way to desensitise dogs so they can relax and co-operate when visiting the Vet or Groomer.
  • Loose Leash Walking.
  • Hand targeting.
  • Polite greetings.
  • Wait to be fed.
  • Drop / Sit.

You will also learn about other concepts, such as –

  • Resource Guarding and how to manage it.
  • Hand targeting your dog onto their mat, or “safe place”.
  • Dog and Human body language – how to utilise these as training tools.
  • How, when, why, and how often to reinforce your dog when training.
  • Massage, relaxation, calm socialisation with dogs and humans.
  • Fading the lure.

After a four-week training cycle in Introduction Class, you will graduate to Class 1, unless your Instructor thinks your dog would benefit from a little more time spent in Introduction Class.