Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Class 5

Class 5

Class 5 incorporates exercises from all previous classes with increased emphasis on Distance, Duration, Distraction, and Diversity when performing cued behaviours.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate all those skills you and your dog have worked so hard to learn and perfect throughout your training.

To graduate from Class 5 you will successfully –

     Perform all exercises requested by your Instructor reliably, consistently. and at a higher standard of competency.

Please note –

Many Class 5 exercises are done off leash and some are done using only hand signals or other body cues, with no verbal cues.

Long Lines can be used for dogs who, for any reason, cannot be allowed to work off leash. Most Instructors carry these, please ask if you would like to give one a try.

The safety of everyone is our highest concern.