Class 4

Class 4

At this stage of your training you will notice there is more emphasis placed on the 4 D’s – Duration, Distance, Diversity, Distraction. You will be further encouraged to “proof” your dog’s behaviours, to ensure they are performed reliably and consistently in a variety of settings and circumstances.

Among other things you will –

  • Practice and consolidate previously learned behaviours, working off lead at times (within your own and your dog’s comfort levels and ability).
  • Extend Sit and Stay, plus Drop and Stay to 5 metres for 2 minutes.
  • Incorporate both turns and circles into loose leash walking.
  • Ask your dog to sit and stand for handling.
  • Hone your Emergency Stop skills.
  • Enjoy a street loose leash walk, involving all 4 D’s.

To graduate from Class 4 you will successfully complete the following behaviours –

  • Sit and Stand for polite greeting.
  • Loose leash walking, incorporating other skills.
  • Complete an off leash Stay for 2 mins at a distance of 5 metres.
  • Sit and Stand for handling.
  • Recall off leash with collar touch.
  • Emergency Stop.

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