Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Class 3

Class 3

By now you and your dog will be feeling more confident with the behaviours you have been learning, and building on as you have progressed through the preceding grades. In Class 3, we will begin to add more of the 4 D’s – Duration, Distance, Distraction, Diversity.

You will ask your dog to drop and stay for longer periods of time (Duration), and to walk past another dog (Distraction/Diversity)

In addition to consolidating and building on previously taught behaviours you will learn how to teach your dog –

  • An Emergency Stop.
  • Door/Gate Manners.
  • Leave It (food).

Many learners find Class 3 can take longer to progress through, as some exercises are more complex. This is no reflection on your training ability. It is more important for both you and your dog to learn these skills thoroughly and continue to become proficient in each grade, then to build on that when you progress to the next level.

To graduate from Class 3 you will successfully complete the following behaviours –

     Sit or stand for polite greeting with humans.

     Loose leash walking with turns.

     Sit and Stay at a distance of 2 metres from you.

     Drop and Stay at a distance of 2 metres from you.


     Recall off leash with collar touch.

     Walk past another dog without interacting or reacting.