Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Class 1

In this class you will learn some new exercises, and how to further develop those behaviours already learned in Introduction Class. This helps to build a good, solid foundation for both you and your dog.

You will hear about the 4 D’s, Distance, Duration, Distraction and Diversity, and in this class you will learn to add Distance and Duration to some behaviours, e.g. Recall with Collar Touch, Loose Leash Walking, and Drop.

You will refine your loose leash walking skills, hand signals, and gaining and holding your dog’s attention.

To graduate from Class 1 you will successfully complete the following behaviours –

     Sit and polite greeting – humans.

  Sit and stay – nose to knee.

     Recall with collar touch.

     Wait for your food.

     Loose Leash Walking.