Rally Obedience is Up, and Running!

Rally Obedience is commonly known as Rally’O, or Rally.


Have you seen the coloured buckets with signs attached when you come for your lesson on Sundays?

All the signs are different, but they contain yellow arrows, and basic instructions. Some are simple like “Fast Pace”, and “Left Turn”. Others have more mysterious instructions, and arrows like – “Call Front Finish Right Halt”, and “Spiral Left, Dog Inside”.

Have you been wondering what was going on?


Well, mystery solved. The buckets and signs are part of a Rally class we have been trialling. The Rally class provides opportunity to continue learning after you achieve the Basic Obedience level. (There is nothing wrong with staying there though after you achieve BO, if that is where you feel comfortable!) In Rally there is scope to practice things already learned, as well as new moves to teach your dog. It is for people who love teaching their dog new things, and for dogs who love learning new things.


Each Month there is –

  • A set of moves taught and practiced each week. There are well over 50 moves you can learn in Rally, but only a few are taught each month. Traditionally the first 32 moves are considered Novice level.
  • A group “walk the course” time with the instructor to see what it involves. Then participants take turns to do the course on their own. (With the teacher first if wanted, and subsequent practice on own, or ask for the teacher to watch, and give feedback). While one participant practices the course other class members can practice the moves that have been taught, or socialize, swap stories about training dogs, etc.
  • Tracking of moves taught, and achieved. Assessment, and feedback, will be available. Talk of awards has also been mentioned.

Our current go to teacher experts are Michelle, who has previously participated in Rally, as well as Trish. Who doesn’t know more about teaching dogs! No doubt you have been in their classes. There is also Sue, who is an enthusiastic beginner, and putter-outer of buckets, and doer of other things needed by the group. She is also a budding Rally course designer.


So why not give it a go if you’ve got your BO!


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