Class 2


Class 2


Below are just some of the things you will learn how to teach to your dog.

  • Learn commands to let your dog know that “Working” training is about to start and then how to release it when the exercise is over.
  • The hand signals for stand and drop.
  • Recall on-lead.
  • Sit/stay on-lead and returning to your dog by circling all the way around him/her.
  • Sit for patting by you and also the Trainer.
  • Loose lead walking.
  • Introducing left and right turns with your dog on a loose lead.
  • Agility equipment use.


To graduate –

  • Sit on the first command.
  • Stand by your side without moving.
  • Sit/stay.
  • Sit and drop on the move.
  • Recall from a short distance on lead.


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