Class 1


Class 1


Below are just some of the things you will learn how to teach to your dog.

  • How to settle your dog so he/she will sit for a period of 5 seconds.
  • Heeling – aiming for loose lead walking.
  • The hand signals for Sit and Stay.
  • Sit / Stay – with you pivoting in front of your dog so your knee is close to their nose and then pivoting back to your dog’s side.
  • Group socialisation and then recalling your dog from the group.
  • Patting and touching your dog  all over which helps to make Vet checks, handling, and social pats much easier.
  • Gaining and keeping your dog’s attention
  • How and when to reward your dog
  • How to signal end of formal training to your dog.


To graduate –

  • Walk at heel for 10 metres.
  • Sit on command and remain for 5 seconds.
  • Perform sit/stay nose to knee.
  • Able to recall your dog (on lead) from a group.


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